We love to travel, whether the destination calls for a surfboard or not. Here are a few stories of surf (and other) adventures we have taken in the past. As we always say: wish you were here!

Rebecca’s trip to the Big Island of Hawaii

Annie’s trip to France

Rebecca’s trip to Sayulita

Rebecca’s honeymoon in Bali

Rebecca’s surf trip to New Zealand and Australia

Rebecca’s surf trip to Tavarua, Fiji

Rebecca’s surf trip to Maui, Hawaii

Stef’s snowboard trip to Mammoth, CA

Stef and Rebecca’s surf trip to Baja

Stef, Annie, and Rebecca’s surf trip to San Onofre

More stories coming soon!


  1. Hi!!!

    First of all I have to tell you that I love your webzine!!!!

    I am a spanish girl that LOVE surfing!! I started to practice it 5 years ago(in Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain), I lived in Bali for two years and now I am gonna make a surftrip to Maldivas with two friends. We will be on a boat for 9 days, surfing every day (and I suppose that we will dive, visit the islands and other things…). I know that this is difficult but we would like to share the boat with more girls (we are 29 years old). It will be REALLY FUN!!! We will go on April 13. If you want to come with us it would be great!!!!
    Hugs from Spain!!

    1. Marta,
      Have the best time on your trip! We wish we could go!! Send pics that we can post.
      Love your friends at Surf Like a Girl

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