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Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Would you like to take your surfing to the next level? Join Heather Alley and myself for a one week intensive. Space is limited and we are really looking forward to this trip! For more info and to reserve your spot click here.




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Join Surf Like a Girl to support LA Waterkeeper

This Saturday 4-18-2015 come join us at Paradise Cove, CA for the annual SUP4cleanwater fundraiser. There will be races, raffles and a big beach party after. You can even rent a board from Pro-SUP and all proceeds go to keeping Santa Monica Bay clean.


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The Surfrider Foundation Turns 30


Thirty years ago, a group of surfers from Malibu, California, took action to fight the environmental health risks associated with escalating coastal development.  Since its inception in 1984, the Surfrider Foundation has evolved into one of the largest nonprofit grassroots organizations dedicated to  protecting and enjoying the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches.

To celebrate, they have launched the organization’s first-ever timeline and an opportunity for the public to submit a design for their 2015 membership tee.

Become a member of Surfrider now!

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Mission of Mermaids

Here at Surf Like a Girl we are slightly obsessed with mermaids.  That is why we are excited to see Susan Rockefeller’s  short film Mission of Mermaids, a poetic ode to the seas and a plea for their protection.

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South Western France

Bonjour girls, wish you were here!

My journey was from Basel, Switzerland, where my aunt and cousin Julian live. It was high time my 19 year old cousin learn to surf. I had been talking about it since he was 8. His mother was weary to send him to California because “You can check in any time you like but you can never leave.“ Since I was visiting, I thought Pays Basque month of September, you can’t go wrong really.

First we stayed a couple of nights in Paris my post grad stomping ground. One night in Biarritz to see the Cité de l’Ocean museum. Only the waves were so captivating we ended up watching surfers in real life instead of in photos or film at the museum.

The train pulled into the St. Vincent de Tyrosse station where we were greeted by Sebastien and the Natural Surf Lodge

van (10% discount if you arrive via train). We were delighted. This is a cozy, green, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint lodge & spa. Julian and I shared a quaint and super clean room. There were guests from Paris, other parts of France, Canada, US, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands.

Up and out for a surf first thing in the AM. The forecast was for 2-3 meter waves meaning 9-12’. Wet suits and boards are provided, off we went in the hands of the owners Cliare and Stéphan. Both experienced and knowledgeable surfers. They had a beginners and int./advanced group.

Yoga, and massages are offered after surfing. Some of the guests had their own cars so we’d explore the Spanish boarder or small towns Hossegor and Siegnosse.

The waves the first day were large. So big 3 meters, we ended up surfing inside a port, a beautiful port called St. John de Luz. That’s where I rode a brand new board, made and imported from Hawaii and promptly broke it after a dismount in a shallow rocky area. Bummer!

The next five day we had a blast many languages spoken, fun meals, gorgeous full moon. Did I mention they have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and tree house where they give massages? This was my first ever surf camp, I loved it and had a blast!


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Eco-Friendly Surfboards

When Clark Foam, the main supplier of polyurethane surfboard blanks, closed its doors in December 2005, we knew the surf industry was about to change.  Citing environmental regulations and workers’ compensation claims as the reason for the shuttering, the topic of creating a more environmentally friendly surfboard was on surfer’s lips around the world.  From the highly toxic urethane foam to the chromium in the fiberglass to the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are released into the atmosphere when resins cures, almost every part of creating a surfboard is not only an environmental hazard but a potential hazard to the shaper as well.  Surfers are an environmentally conscience bunch, what we need now is environmentally conscience boards.  Luckily, there are a few choices out there and intrepid designers are furthering the cause.

Many shapers are looking to epoxy. According to the Surfrider Foundation, “epoxy resin has about 75% fewer VOCs than polyester resin and about two-thirds fewer VOCs are released into the atmosphere when it cures.” These resins not only can be made from plant sources, such as sugar and agrigum, but can also be cleaned up with more environmentally friendly citrus cleaners instead of toxic acetone.

Some other alternatives include Bamboo Boards out of Australia who replaces their fiberglass with bamboo. Or Ocean Green Surfboards which uses 100% biodegradable hemp cloth in place of fiberglass and blanks made of FSC certified balsa. Fletcher Chouinard Designs (Patagonia) uses less toxic extruded polystyrene foam, which has fewer VOCs than polyurethane.

It seems as though the Clark Foam fiasco may have actually benefited the surf industry. It shed light on the impact of surfboards on the environment and sent us on frantic search for boards that are environmentally sound.

Visit Eco Surf Project to check out a list of eco-friendly surfboard manufactures.

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