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Sunscreen Time Again!

My favorite for surf and everyday is from Beauty Counter (here’s my shop,—and you can help support this surfer girl with purchases!).



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Skateistan, the first skateboarding school in Afganistan, was founded by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich in 2007. Now more than half of the members of Skateistan are girls. Today, Skateistan will be featured on CBS’s Courage in Sports series (12 pm PST; 3 pm EST). Pro-skateboarder Holly Lyons wrote, “It’s so incredible to think that more girls skate in Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world!” She will be featured on the show today along with the founder and Tony Hawk. Can’t wait to watch!

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Pink Helmet Posse: Watch Six-Year-Olds Rip

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 3.41.16 PMWow. Check these girls out.

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Wall Power: Vintage Skateboards

Vintage skateboard decks on the wall at Dogtown Coffee in Santa Monica.



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Sundown on Skate Park

Photo taken in Venice Beach, CA. Skate park as the sun goes down.

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Friday Night Light at Venice Skate Park

I got a new lens for the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone — the Roboto Glitter lens — and I love the dreamy burst you get from taking photos with the sun in the frame. This was taken while biking by the skatepark in Venice Beach on Friday evening.

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Hanging Out with Peggy Oki

I had the opportunity to hang out with the inspirational Peggy Oki this weekend. Of course, I knew her from her Dogtown days, the only girl on the Z-boys team, and we had the chance to interview her for Surf Like a Girl in 2007. Along the way, I was introduced to her beautiful artwork and I was just waiting for the day I could hang one in my home. Peggy graciously invited me to her house where I found exactly the piece I had been hoping for. “Secret Left” (shown here) is a beautiful watercolor of a perfect wave crashing over the rocks.

While we were there, we talked about all of the great causes that keep Peggy busy. Her newest is saving the critically endangered Maui and Hector dolphins off the coast of New Zealand. Becoming a supporter of the campaign is easy — just download one of the images on Let’s Fact It website, take your picture, and then upload your pic.

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