Rebecca, Stef, Annie at the Surf Like a Girl website launch party

Surf Like a Girl is a webzine that celebrates girls who surf, skate, and snowboard. It’s simple: we love life with our boards and want to share the stoke with the rest of the girls out there (and that means you, regardless of your age!). We hope to entertain, inform, and inspire with what we put up on the website.

It all started with Rebecca’s “Surf Like a Girl” book. We are three friends who live by the beach in Los Angeles, where it’s sunny and warm and you can surf year-round. We started talking at a friend’s party about how cool it would be to start a website for girls who board. Then we started talking seriously about it—and it’s been serious fun for us putting this together.

We hope you enjoy the site!


Rebecca, Stef, and Annie

Rebecca Heller

Photo by Josh Kimball

“‘Surf stoke’ means being unable to stop thinking about surfing,” says Rebecca Heller. “And I’ve got it bad.” A California native, Rebecca didn’t set foot on a surfboard until she was 27 years old. But that first ride made her realize she wanted to spend more time writing and empowering women to do anything they set their minds to. A few years later she left her day job at a film studio and released her first book, Surf Like a Girl (Three Rivers Press), featuring practical advice for girls who want to surf.  The second in her series of girls having fun on boards, Skater Girl: A Girl’s Guide to Skateboarding (Ulysses Press), was released in 2007. She has now forayed into fiction with her young-adult novel, Gilbert and Louis Rule the Universe, and children’s books: Dolphins, Elephants, and Falling Rock. Website: rebeccaheller.com; Instagram: @rebecca.heller; Twitter: @rebeccaheller

Stef McDonald

Stef McDonald grew up near the beach on Long Island, New York, but decided to heed the Southern California calling after attending surf camp. She changed the ringtone on her phone to a Beach Boys song, added more blonde highlights to her hair, and moved to Los Angeles, where she can pick up and hit the beach—or a farmers’ market or a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains—whenever the mood strikes. She has worked as a writer and editor for entertainment and women’s magazines and now works as a writer and online and social media content manager. Website: stefmcdonald.com; Twitter: @stefaniamcd

Annie Walton-Teter

An East coaster turned California girl, Annie Walton-Teter is a creative type. Annie spent her youth boating and body surfing before she discovered the joys of surfing. She’s currently Head Surf Instructor for UCLA’s recreational Marine Aquatic Center (when she’s not taking waves on her own). Her artwork has been featured in group shows, such as the Orange County Contemporary Arts Exhibitions, and she has been published in Spin, L.A. Weekly, Interview magazine, and Surf Life For Women.



Oh, and the awesome illustrations on our site? They’re by fellow surfer girl Catherine Baumhauer.