Dolphins_Cover-OLI love dolphins! I love them so much I wrote a children’s book about them, and Hawaii-based Island Heritage Books published it.

Swim along with baby dolphin as he chases, dives, and explores. Each page features dolphins enjoying their aquatic life with beautiful and colorful illustrations by New York Times best-selling illustrator Suzie Mason! The back of the book has fifteen fun dolphin facts to educate young children. Dolphin lovers of all ages will enjoy this charming picture book!

Available on Amazon and Welcome to the Islands.

As a surfer, I get to share the ocean with dolphins. I have witnessed dolphins swimming and doing jumps and tricks out in the ocean. Every time I see a dolphin my heart swells and I get excited just like a five-year-old. When I am on the beach and see a dolphin, I am always pointing to anyone around me and shouting “dolphin, dolphin,” and anyone else who sees them no matter their age gets giddy too. I love that dolphins have such a social nature, and in the wild they always look like they are having fun. Plus, dolphins surf. What is cooler than that?


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