Book Review: All Our Waves are Water by Jaimal Yogis

Everything about Jaimal Yogis new memoir All Our Waves are Water appealed to me. As a surfer, yoga teacher, and Taoist-at-heart I felt a kindred spirit in Yogis sequel to Saltwater Buddha. A man searching for enlightenment around the globe, Yogis travels to India, Bali, Israel, New York, and San Francisco. All the time Yogis is journeying inward trying to find that place of calm and focus, a place of nonduality where we are united with the universe. He finds that mostly in the ocean, and uses the ocean as a metaphor to which he constantly drifts back to find and ride the perfect wave.

Waves Water

“But the ocean tells its own story. We are merely rippling characters. the sea my respond to our please, prayers, strivings. They are part of the story–pushing and refracting back. But water will not be rushed. So relax. Be humble. Stay open. Look where others don’t. There are secret sanctuaries everywhere, places nobody can tell you how to find–places you won’t discover until you are there.”

Yogis journey of self-discovery is a mesmerizing read, ripe with religious teachings, yogic offerings, and mindful meditations. I highly recommend.

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