Two New Must Haves and a Giveaway!

IMG_1584Okay, don’t laugh, but I am in love with my new surf towel. I appreciate that I look like a total kook, but as I change comfortably next to my car without worrying about flashing other beach goers, I feel like I am having the last laugh. While my surf towel is of course bright pink, it hasn’t stopped my husband from borrowing it. It makes changing in and out of wetsuits and bathing suits so easy. Plus it is so warm and cozy. An added bonus is that my long hair that normally dripped all over the back of my shirt gets a sopped up by the towel before I change.  A total win. I found mine on Amazon, but you can find them online or at your local surf shop.


ChicExecsImages. fun product out there is SlipIns. Since my bout with melanoma, I am always looking for good SPF coverage for the beach or surfing. SlipIns is a two-fer. It is both a SPF body suit that can be worn on it’s own, as well as designed to allow you easy entry and exit into your wetsuit whether the wetsuit is wet or dry.  SlipIns has 60+spf sun protection, so ideal for all kinds of watersports including surfing, SUPing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking.  Cool.

Slip insOne lucky reader will get SlipIns Cardiff in Animal Collage Blue. Just comment here or on our Facebook page!





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