The Sound of Silence

In this picturesque new film by Dan Mace, Bianca Buinendag and Lee-Ann Curren travel to South Africa’s Eastern Cape in search of waves and adventure. Mace wrote,  “The Sound of Silence is a film about discovery through disconnecting from day to day information at our fingertips, instant gratification and chaos; it’s a film about adventure in its purest form. We decided to fly French Lee-Ann down to South Africa to join Bianca on a road trip through the Eastern Cape’s treacherous wild coast, the Transkei, in search of something different; the feeling of being truly lost… and of course plenty uncrowded waves and secret spots. I took away their mobile devices and any other connections to the outside world, gave them a map and the mission to make it through the Transkei connecting with the earth beneath their feet and locals around them in search of the feeling of raw adventure.”

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