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Pauline Ado Tells it Like it Is

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I am tired of seeing young twenty-somethings with perfect bodies in tiny bikinis advertise for women’s surfing. This is not to take away from being beautiful, or young, and most of these girls are killer surfers, but I would just like some equal representation. I also wonder who they are marketing to, certainly not real surfer girls. As a fourty-ish athletic, but not perfect bodied surfer, I am not interested in bikini bottoms that ride up my butt, triangle tops that fall off when I wipe out, or  wetsuits that don’t keep you warm. Let’s let the surfing do the talking and maybe bring some realism to women’s surfing apparel. Thank you Pauline Ado for starting the conversation.



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Babes on Waves

Surf Ambassador Belinda Baggs will be at Patagonia Santa Monica tonight, hosting an evening dedicated to ladies who surf. Festivities start at 7:00 PM with music from The Brave Kind, so come on down, bring a girlfriend, and enjoy words of wisdom from one of longboarding’s greatest! @patagoniasm 1344 4th Street Santa Monica, CA.


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