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Today in SoCal, where the water is still warm and waves were fun enough to make a girl giddy, I ran into a beautiful surfer and familiar face in the crowded line-up. Sharing waves with Kassia Meador always makes me smile.  She had on a groovy wetsuit and we just cannot wait to get one! Keep your eyes peeled for these, available in Spring 2015.



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Where’s Your Mother?!

Sixteen-year-old Mahina Maeda from Hawaii gets towed into this monster at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on November 2, 2014. You’ve blown us away, Mahina!

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Skateistan, the first skateboarding school in Afganistan, was founded by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich in 2007. Now more than half of the members of Skateistan are girls. Today, Skateistan will be featured on CBS’s Courage in Sports series (12 pm PST; 3 pm EST). Pro-skateboarder Holly Lyons wrote, “It’s so incredible to think that more girls skate in Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world!” She will be featured on the show today along with the founder and Tony Hawk. Can’t wait to watch!

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Loss of a Surfing Legend: Doc Paskowitz

Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, who passed away today at 93, was a surfing legend with an amazing outlook on life. Watch this Inertia video below to hear him share some wise and inspiring reflections; read this Surfer mag tribute by Matt Warshaw; check out Kelly Slater’s personal goodbye on Instagram; and scroll through the Paskowitz Family’s Facebook page. Moving.

HEADSPACE: Doc Paskowitz from The Inertia on Vimeo.

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The Undress: The End of Wetsuit-Changing Awkwardness?

At Surf Like a Girl headquarters, we are pretty excited about The Undress. The Undress is a versatile changing system that can get you in and out of your wetsuit or bathing suit and into your street clothes without ever getting naked. Having performed thousands of changes car-side in a crowded parking lot, holding my towel together with one hand while struggling with my bathing suit bottoms in the other, I can say this is an item I have long been waiting for. Pre-orders can be taken though their Kickstarter Page or on their website. This is definitely a fashion trend we can get behind!

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