Converse Sunglasses Giveaway!


Fashion meets function with these adorable polarized sunglasses from Converse. We have three great CONS styles (including the frames pictured) to give away to some of our lucky readers. Enter to win by commenting on the post or emailing us about your best-ever surf session. Three stoked readers will be mailed brand-new sunglasses from Surf Like a Girl.

Not a winner?  You can buy your CONS frames now on



  1. Whoa converse makes sunnies?! Radical, please send me some! My best day of surfing ever was today… I’m living near the ocean for the first time and am LOVING learning this amazing new sport. I’m so tired and sunburned and happy : )

  2. Sweet Converse sunglasses! My best surf session would probably have to be when my friends and I went to this somewhat secret surf spot a few years ago on the westside of Hawaii. It’s a far paddle. Felt like you were paddling for a mile, but it was worth it. Waves were like 3-4 feet on the inside. Super fun! The conditions were clean and the waves were epic! There were two other guys there that were trying to scare us away (they wanted the waves to themselves), but we didn’t let them bother us. We still talk about that surf session.

  3. Anytime surfing with my girls is epic. We spent the day down at San Onofre surfing, bbq-ing, and hanging out. A little swell, the tide was right, so much fun. Cute glasses–I want!

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