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ASP Top 17 Women’s Fiji Pro

The conditions have been challenging and epic for some at Cloudbreak and Restaurants. These girls are amazing! Really great surfing and it’s heating up- for the finals.


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Surfer-Scholar Goes to Stanford

Roxy-sponsored surfer girl Maluhia Kinimaka will leave her home surf break in Kauai to study engineering at Stanford University. This story hits particularly close to home as my day job is working as a college counselor at an independent high school in Los Angeles. I am so proud of Maluhia for pursuing her education at such a high level.  I know first-hand how selective the admission pool is to Stanford, and for Maluhia to be admitted she must be an exceptional student and person. In the full article about Maluhia on The Inertia, she said,  “I always believed that if you’re doing something because it makes you happy, success will follow naturally.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Going Native with Alison Teal

Star of the Discovery Channel’s highest rated show, “Naked and Afraid,” Alison Teal shows us just what it takes to go native. This surfer girl from the Big Island of Hawaii prepares for the ultimate test of her survival skills by turning to her wilderness expert parents and cast of talented locals from her home in Hawaii. Alison does more than just surf like a girl, she survives like a girl!  Way cool.

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Legos Shred at Teahupoo

Another brilliant stop motion video by Karim Rejeb.

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Covering Up for Sun Protection: Safe Sunscreen Picks


Cross-posted on my Sideshow by the Seashore blog

There’s so much to love about being in the great outdoors—paddling out for a surf or swimming in the ocean, relaxing on a sandy beach, hiking in a park or strolling along the shore, eating al fresco, reading a book in the front yard. For all of these activities, the warmth and light from the sun can seem magical.

So here’s the “but.” The sun can warm you, give you light, and provide good-for-you vitamin D, but too much exposure can be damaging and cause skin cancer.

Happily, you can still enjoy the sun while protecting yourself with non-toxic products that block the damaging rays. The best way to start is by consulting the Environmental Working Group’s guide to safe sunscreens, which includes recommendations for safe products that contain zinc oxide and other better-for-you ingredients. My safe sunscreen favorites:

Face: The Organic Wear line from Physicians Formula makes a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. For more coverage, I use the Supergoop! CC Cream with SPF 35 or Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation with SPF 20. Tip: after applying product to your face, wipe excess on the tops of your hands.

Lips: Badger has a lip balm stick with SPF 15 that I use alone or blended with a lip color product. My favorite tinted lip balms with SPF: Alba Botanica’s Terratints with SPF 15 and the All Good Lips line with SPF 18 from Elemental Herbs.

Body: I like sunscreens from Badger, California Baby, and Alba Botanica’s Very Emollient sunscreen line, which is especially gentle and effective.

For protection that doesn’t come in a bottle, compact, or tube, you can count on hats, sunglasses, and clothing—sarongs and thin cotton tunics are great for covering up at the beach, even when it’s hot.

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Jack and Kelly Jamming


How are we  just seeing this?  Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater play an acoustic version of Jack’s song “Home,” live from the beach.  Yummy.

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Fences in the Sand





I love the wood fences you encounter at beaches.

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