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100-Foot Wave

Wow. Reports came in that American surfer Garrett McNamara rode a 100-foot wave in Portugal. More from Surfer mag.


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Pregnancy and the Surfer Girl

Well, I have been out of the water for a while…6 months so far. And the reason, and the only thing that could really keep me away, is that I am pregnant.  I consulted with various doctors in the area who all advise against surfing when you are pregnant.  This in no way came as a surprise.  The reasons are obvious.  At the beginning you feel like crap and want to sleep all til_fullxfull.324480421he time.  Even the lull of waves couldn’t get me up in the morning.  Also, as the first three months are a critical time for the baby; the danger of falling hard, someone (or your own board) hitting you, or just twisting the wrong way, all seem too risky.  In the second trimester, the above still holds true and the idea lying on your belly just sounds horrible.  Even if you knee paddle, your range of motion is diminished…you have a big belly in the way.  So for me, and I recommend for any other pregnant surfer ladies, I am choosing to stay out of the water until baby arrives safely in the world.

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