Chasing Mavericks

Okay, we are suckers for a surf flick, good or bad. I had read the reviews about Chasing Mavericks, and although they were a little lack-luster, still had to see for myself.  Based on the true story of Jay Moriarity, the plot follows his journey to surf one of the biggest, most dangerous waves in the world, all at the age of sixteen.  The film’s tone was deeper than I expected, and although there were some Swiss-cheese like plot holes, I totally bought it.  The whole reason to see the film is for the surf scenes, and they are spectacular.  I had to cover my eyes during some of the drop ins at Mavericks.  And there are some beautiful shots of Pleasure Point and Steamer’s Lane in Santa Cruz.  The camera work is impeccable, and the CGI is so good that you really believe the actors are surfing.  I loved the cameos by the real Mavericks crew: Peter Mel, Greg Long, and Zach Wormhoudt all make an appearance.  All in all, I say see it; it is certainly one of the better surf films out there.

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