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NY Times Article on Surfing Fitness

Those of us who surf may already know, but one study shows that surfing is a great workout.  According to an expert cited in an article posted today on the New York Times Phys Ed section, “surfing is a considerable workout requiring high-level aerobic endurance.” The article goes further to suggest physical activities for the wannabe surfer. Love the legitimacy of our sport!

Go to the NY Times website to read the full article here.


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Go, Kitty, Go: Surfboard to the Rescue

Gotta love a cat ending a chase with a dog on a . . . . surfboard.

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Sundown on Skate Park

Photo taken in Venice Beach, CA. Skate park as the sun goes down.

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Wish You Were Here: Big Island

Aloha Girls,

I am writing you from the Big Island of Hawaii. The only bad thing about the Big Island is that, because it is blocked from swell from the rest of the islands, there is very little surf in the summer months. The good thing about the Big Island? Everything else. I have family on the island so I have spent a lot of time here, and this trip I felt like I really dialed it in. This relaxing vacation included daily swimming and snorkeling, yoga, walks down to a sea turtle sanctuary, hikes to secluded beaches, and a visit to a killer farmer’s market.

Big Island is known for its arid lava strewn land, and first-time visitors are often surprised.  Parts of Big Island definitely don’t look like the Hawaii of people’s imagination.  It looks more like this:

However, we took a ride to the island’s east side to visit Akaka Falls, a 442 foot free-falling waterfall. Not only were the falls breathtaking, the short walk around the park was a tropical paradise. 

Other highlights included a trip to Hawi, a small, artsy town in the north of the island with arguably the best restaurant on the island called Bamboo. Whatever you order, make sure to have their lilikoi iced tea.

A favorite adventure is the hike down to Kiholo Bay.  My friend Shelly came for part of the stay, and I dragged her down over arid lava fields, where literally hundreds of goats crossed our path, to the oasis of Kiholo Bay.  Kiholo Bay is known for two things, sea turtles and sharks.  I knew the beaches were sharky, but didn’t realize it was a shark breeding ground.  Yikes!  We saw plenty of sea turtles, and thankfully, no sharks.

So while I was sad, but not surprised about the surf, the good thing about calm, flat seas is that the snorkeling is breathtaking.  I spent my last day swimming the bay at the Mauna Kea resort. After a time viewing the beautiful parrot fish, angel fish, tangs, wrasse, and, of course, the humahumanukanukaapuaa, I spotted a sea turtle and it let me swim with it across the bay.  It was absolutely magical.

Wish you were here,


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Mission of Mermaids

Here at Surf Like a Girl we are slightly obsessed with mermaids.  That is why we are excited to see Susan Rockefeller’s  short film Mission of Mermaids, a poetic ode to the seas and a plea for their protection.

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