Stand Up Paddle

So today the waves were so small, I thought it may be a perfect day to try and catch a wave on the stand up paddle (SUP). My friend Juli Schulz and I took the boards up to Malibu. Right off the bat we saw a ray, it was beautiful. Then the dolphin brothers and sisters or mama and babies or all of the above. After a long paddle, I tried and tried to no avail to catch a wave. This being my third time on a SUP. Determined, I finally caught one. There was another guy on it I was so excited yelling, “I caught it, I caught it.” until I fell on my butt. Laughing so hard when I realized it was Sam George, I turned to him and said “That was the first wave I ever caught on a SUP!” He said “I am glad I was able to ride it with you then.” The funny part is when I first started surfing, I used to run into him checking waves up and down the coast. Once I told him I was just starting and he said “Stick with it.” So I did that was probably about 10 years ago. I stuck with it, now I’m starting over. He was right there to cheer me on again, so positive. Thanks Sam, all smiles!

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