Made in the Shades: New Filtrate Sunglasses

I love my sunny California days, and have learned to never walk out in the sunshine without a good pair of shades. Just like your skin, you want to protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays. On a recent visit to the eye doctor, she showed me a close-up image of my eyes on a screen and pointed out the sun spots. Scary to see, but you can easily protect your eyes by wearing good sunglasses outdoors. Yes, good sunglasses; if you pay five bucks for a pair of shades, you’re probably not getting UV protection. Recently, I found myself squinting — even with sunglasses on — and learned I’m especially sensitive to glare. For me,  polarized lenses are best for the way they block light waves.

Best source for shades: surf shops, where they stock sunglasses that are good enough for bright and glare-heavy sandy beaches, snowy slopes, and concrete skate parks. I got my new pair at my local surf shop, ZJ Boardinghouse, and instantly zeroed on this style by Filtrate, the Green Tea Polarized pair. Full coverage — and they’re glam. I love ’em.

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