Wish You Were Here: Sayulita

Hola Girls!

Just back from a week long break down in Sayulita, Mexico. Situated an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is a sweet little surf town that caters to gringos and Mexicans alike. There are waves for all levels of surfer and tons of surf schools and board rentals for beginners. My husband, Thomas, and I decided to head down during Spring Break — I work at a school and that is the time I can travel. Little did we know that our visit was during Semana Santa, the busiest time of the year in Sayulita! I intentionally booked our trip from Sunday through Friday to miss the weekend craziness. That theory worked pretty well. Our first few days were calm, and while the beaches and restaurants were busy, they weren’t packed. By Thursday the place was overrun with buses bringing in visitors from Guadalajara and other inland locations.

Even with all the craziness, we were able to ride some gorgeous waves. While the breaks definitely had a crowd, everyone was pretty chill and there were plenty of waves to be had. Thomas and I would start our day with a trip to the surf break. We planned to get up “early” and head out. One day setting our alarm for 6:30 a.m., but happily it was still dark out and we went back to bed. Most days we would hit the surf around 9 o’clock.  Lucky for us, that is still early in Sayulita and the beaches would still be pretty empty. After a surf and a shower, we would head back to town for a late breakfast at Choco Banana or Rollies, where we indulge on fresh fruit, egg sandwiches, and smoothies. Then we would head out to lounge on the beach. With advice from some friends who recently visited, we found the best ceviche beach vendor, ate some killer shrimp tacos, and sipped on pina coladas. To keep you entertained,  vendors would stroll by allowing you to browse their wares of silver jewelry, beach wraps, toys, snacks, and candies.

Some days we would go for an afternoon surf session, then it was certainly time for a nap. Evenings were spent in search of the best guacamole and fish tacos. Because it is a tourist haven, the prices in Sayulita are pretty similar to the states, but if you are thoughtful and follow the locals,  you can find some great deals. Our post-dinner treat consisted of bananas covered in chocolate and granola, or ice cream paletas, or — my favorite — the Nutella crepe.

We rented a fabulous place called Casa Almas.  It was right up the road from the beach.  And I do mean up.  We had to ascend a 100-yard driveway that was easily at a 60-degree angle to come and go, but we figured it was a good workout. The place had a beautiful view of the town and ocean, a deck of our own, and charming interior. The proprietors who live upstairs, Paulino and Carolina, were fantastic hosts and so accommodating. The place was great, but trying to sleep through the roosters who crow all night (aren’t they only supposed to call in the morning?), a couple of late-night parties in the valley below, and the barking dogs took a minute to get use to.

Sayulita is an ideal spot to visit if you want a mellow but super fun surf trip.  It was romantic enough to visit with my husband and would surely make for a great girls’ surf trip.  The town felt safe, the food was delicious and plentiful (we got away with only one minor tummy ache), and you don’t need a car as the waves are right outside your door.  Grab a board and get down there!

Wish you were here,


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  1. Hi Rebecca, this was a really great write-up on Sayulita. It was great to host you and Thomas and we are glad you got plenty of good waves, great food and enjoyed staying with us at Casa Almas.

    Pablo y Carolina

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