Surf Like a Girl Favorites: Surf Books

Read on, dear surfers! Here’s the Surf Like a Girl list of favorite surf books. (We should mention that Rebecca’s “Surf Like A Girl” would have made the list, but it sold out of its print run and is currently out of print… but stay tuned for news of its second printing!) These are instructional, inspirational, entertaining, sweet, and beautiful.

“Encyclopedia of Surfing”
“A must have for every surfer girl (or guy).” — Annie

“This really is one of the best teen books.” — Stef

“I keep this on my coffee table.” — Rebecca

“World Stormrider Guide”
“When taking a surf trip, don’t leave this book at home.” — Annie

“Zero Break”
“It’s so great that a volume of great writing can be all about surfing.” — Stef

“In Search of Captain Zero”
“One of the best surfer stories out there.” — Annie

“Surfing California”
“This is by far my favorite surf guide. I love that it is plain and simple.” — Annie

“Surf Diva: Guide to Getting Good Waves”
“A great primer for divas!” — Annie

“Let My People Go Surfing”

“The Mountain and the Wave”

“Rhinos Who Surf”
“This is such a cute book for kids.” — Rebecca

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