Surf Like A Girl Pro Interview: Carissa Moore

“Surf like a girl” takes on a whole new meaning with Carissa Moore. At only 15, Carissa took the surf world by storm. She became the youngest finalist in the ASP elite-tour history in March 2007 by finishing second at the Roxy Pro, Gold Coast — beating out legends like Layne Beachley in the first round! She also regularly beats out the boys, like when won the Quiksilver King of the Groms event at Kewalo Basin in Hawaii. More firsts: she was 11 years old when she became the youngest person to surf in Hawaii’s Triple Crown and was also the youngest WCT and WQS finalist in 2005. Because of her record number of NSSA Titles (she has 11 to date), it’s hard to remember she is still just a girl.

Best place I’ve surfed: Barra in Mexico. Besides the drive to get there, everything about it is perfect. The water is warm, it is not crowded, and the wave is a beautiful right hand point break. A dream come true!
Last book I read: “Swimming To Antarctica” by Lynne Cox
Favorite TV show: “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel
What I love to eat: I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I also love salmon and salad and fruits.
Favorite organic product: Organic fruit
Advice for people to live green: Take care of the land and in return the land will take care of you.
Hero: I look up to my dad, mom, grandparents, and my whole family. I am also inspired by Bethany Hamilton.
Worst experience in the water: Luckily I haven’t had any really bad experiences in the water. I guess the worst experience would have to be when a guy yelled at me at Lowers. I cried.
I’m most proud of: I feel the most proud of myself when I do well at school or when I accomplish something after working really hard.
What I do when I’m not surfing: I usually go to school or hang out with my family and friends.
What I want to be when I grow up: I like the take pictures and cook. I want to open my own restaurant and put all my pictures up on the walls. I think that would be super-fun!
Pets: At my mom’s house, I have two dogs: Musubi and Coco Chanel. I also have turtles. At my dad’s house, I have a cat named Rascal.
Why I surf: I surf because it is a really good challenge and it is a really good way to spend time with my family. Overall, I surf because I absolutely love it. I love everything about it: the water, riding the waves, paddling, the sun. I love surfing because it is the only sport that [lets you] travel all over the world and surf in beautiful places.
What I’ve done to make the world a more environmentally friendly place: I try to pick up some trash each time I go to the beach, I also have some contests on my website to try to get people to pitch in and clean up. We also have a worm farm!
Words to live by: Go big or go home.

We also asked Carissa what she brings on an everyday surf session.

Pink and Orange 5’6″ Nezzy surfboard
Roxy wetsuit (sometimes a Quiksilver one)
Roxy bathing suit
Vertra sunscreen
Lip Smackers lip balm
SexWax or Sticky Bumps and wax comb
Bottled water

To see more of Carissa, check out her website.

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