Skateboarding Etiquette

Illustration by Catherine Baumhauer

Here at Surf Like a Girl, we want to encourage all skaters. That said, we feel passionately that all our readers should practice good etiquette when out there skateboarding. Hey, everyone is allowed to make mistakes, but following these simple rules will help keep you, and those around you, safe.

The cardinal rules of skateboarding:

1.  Pedestrians have the right of way. When you are skating, you are moving more quickly than someone who is walking. It is your job to avoid them, not the other way around.

2. Practice on your own time and in your own space. Don’t practice or try new tricks in a crowded area as your board could get away from you and hurt someone else.

3. Wait your turn. At a skatepark, you must wait until the person on the ramp or bowl has completed their ride, either by kicking out or bailing. It is your turn to go once they clear the way, provided someone else isn’t dropping in. Obviously, you can’t just go whenever you feel like it or you will collide with other skaters.

4. Know what you can handle. At a park or on the street, know your ability level and only attempt obstacles you can handle. Once you have worked your way up to trying something new, wait until the equipment isn’t being used by other skaters.

5.  “Board!”  Yell “board” if you loose your board or it flies up in the air so that others know to duck for cover.

6.  No daisy-chains. You’re at the park with all your friends; one of you drops in, then another and another, taking over the whole ramp or bowl. If you and your friends are the only ones at the park, fine, but you must share the equipment if there are other skaters there. No mob mentality, please.

7.  Don’t be a snake. Snaking is when you drop in before it is your turn to skate or when someone else is already skating. Skate friendly by allowing everyone to skate.

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