Surfer Girl Bride: Rebecca’s Wedding

Our very own Rebecca Heller tied the knot in 2008 and it was a surfer girl’s dream wedding. Seriously. Consider this:

She married a surfer.
(He’s cute, too!)

She had a beach blanket bridal shower.
We had a potluck beach day in Malibu. Surf and sand, girls and grub–yep, that adds up to a good time.

They got married at a seaside resort in Mexico.
It was in the same area where they took their first surf trip together and where he popped the question. You could see the ocean behind them when they took their vows.

Their first dance was to “Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys.
Not a dry eye in the house.

Most guests stayed within steps of a private surf break.
Every morning, we got to paddle out before breakfast. And then sit by the pool and eat fish tacos and sip margaritas….

They gave surf lessons to guests who wanted to learn.
A friend brought soft boards for the weekend and Rebecca and Thomas were joined by other friends in giving lessons to friends and family. Stoke all around!

There was a paddle-out for the couple before the wedding.
The morning of the big day, the surfer friends of the bride and groom paddled out to form a circle in honor of the couple.

Click here for our friend Kristine’s photos from the big day.

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