Surf Like a Girl Pro Interview: Alana Brennan

Alana Brennan has been the face of Billabong Girls for more than a decade. Whether spending time riding the waves, modeling, or acting, you can be sure Alana is having a blast. Traveling the world with boyfriend and pro-surfer, Dean Morrison, you may spot Alana in Australia, Los Angeles or her native Hawaii. But Alana is more than just a pretty face, just check out her cutback! Below, our Surf Like a Pro interview with Alana.

Last album you downloaded: A collection of Bob Marley

Best vacation: The first time I went to Australia.

Last book you read: “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Guilty pleasure TV show: So You Think You Can Dance?

Favorite comfort food: A really fresh salad and soup

Champagne or beer (or other): Champagne

Last splurge: A bebe dress at Ala Moana

Advice for beginners: Set realistic goals, keep it fun, and don’t expect too much of yourself.

Hero: My family.

Worst experience in the water: At Rockies I slashed my hand open and had to get fifteen stitches. I had stay out of the water for over a month.

I’m most proud of: My family.

Favorite rainy day activity: Watching movies all day and eating.

Pet peeve: Tapping noises, not finishing your sentences, and
asking the same question way too many times.

My perfect date: My first date with my boyfriend was a good one, we went surfing together at really, really fun V-land.

Pets: Two beautiful dogs: Iky and Sabba

Who would you cast to play you in the movie of your life
Myself…or Natalie Portman

Tip for going green: When not using an electrical outlet unplug electronics to save energy and recycle.

Why I surf: Because its the only thing in my life I can get
this feeling from.

Words to live by: Love.

To see more of Alana check out Billabong USA 

We asked Alana what she brings on an everyday surf session.

6’0 DHD
Billabong 3:2 shortsleeve wetsuit
Billabong bikini
Billabong neoprene rashgurard
Alba Botanicals 30+ sunscreen
Zinc for face
Paw Paw Lip Balm
Quick Humps Sex Wax surf wax and comb
Cute Billabong Dress

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