Ask Betty Surf Advice: Going Green

Dear Betty,

I want to be more of an environmentally conscious surfer?  What can I do?

— Going Green, Seal Beach, CA

Dear Going Green,

First of all, good on ya!  The ocean gives so much to us and as surfers we need give back.


Start by choosing a board that is better for the environment.  Traditionally, production of foam, resin and fiberglass have all been hazardous to the environment.  These days you can look for boards being make with bamboo or biofoam cores, hemp cloth and epoxy resins.


Cover your skin with organic sunscreens such as options from Soleo Organic Sunscreen or Kiss My Face.

As for your wetsuit, try out the Regulator from Patagonia. It is lined with non-chlorine treated merino wool bonded to recycled polyester jersey; it is made from 80% non-petroleum-based ingredients and PVC-free kneepads, which reduce its impact on the environment.


Wax your stick with environmentally friendly products.  More and more companies are making home-made wax products from organic ingredients.  Check out:  GreenSurf, Terra Wax, Northern Light Surf Wax, and Funky Puffin’s Jersey Surf Wax.


Instead of guzzling water from a wasteful plastic bottle, bring your water in a reusable stainless steel or glass container.


Offset that fabulous surf trip you are taking by calculating the amount of CO2 emissions from your journey and donating to Carbon Fund.

Enjoy the ride,


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