Surf Like a Girl Pro Interview: Mary Osbourne

Mary Osborne can be found cruising the waves at her home break in Ventura or traveling the world with her longboard in tow. After winning the longboard division on MTV’s “Surf Girls” in 2000, she began to enter surf contests and started up a career in modeling. She’s an ambassador for Patagonia and is sponsored by Etines, Wet N Wild and Robert August Surfboards and also hosts programs such as Fox Sport’s 54321. We are sure to see a lot more from Mary in the future. Below, our Surf Like a Pro interview with Mary.

Last song you downloaded: “Gravity” by John Mayer

Best vacation: Cabo

Guilty pleasure TV show: “Sex and the City”

Favorite comfort food: Chocolate

Champagne or beer (or other): Both

Advice for beginners: Stick with it and have fun!

Worst experience in the water: While trying to downhill skateboard, I ate it so bad I had to peel off my shirt and bra. It was awful.

I’m most proud of: Being a role model for young girls.

Favorite rainy day activity: Sitting inside and watching TV. . . unless the waves are good and then I going surfing.

Pet peeve: People who don’t wait for others to enter the elevator before entering themselves and burping really loud.

The perfect date: Hmmm….I don’t think I have been on it yet.

Pets: I had the best cat ever named Darla, but she ran away.

Favorite nail polish color: Light pink that you can barely see.

Why I surf: I love the feeling when I am in the water. There is not a wave that is ever the same, and I always feel cleansed afterwards.

Words to live by: Love life and live everyday to its fullest.

We also asked Mary what she brings on an everyday surf session:

Robert August “Brian Anderson Model”

Patagonia wetsuit

Patagonia two-piece cross-back top

Patagonia shortie bottoms

Beyond Coastal and Shiseido sunscreen

Wet n Wild lip balm with SPF

Sex Wax surf wax and comb

Penta water

Hydrogen peroxide

Patagonia adjustable hat to wear

Etnies hat (for out of the water)

Patagonia organic throw-over or dress

Ponytail holder

Etnies towel

To see more of Mary, check out her website or read her book, “Sister Surfer: A Woman’s Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage.”

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