Skate Like a Girl Pro Interview: Cara-Beth Burnside

The day Cara-Beth Burnside (or “CB” to her friends) traded in her roller skates for a skateboard was the day that women’s skateboarding completely. There were a handful of girl skaters out there when CB was growing up, but CB was good, real good. In order to compete, she had to go up against the guys. Money and sponsorship was tight as a female skater, so CB switched over to snowboarding, where she received sponsors, traveled the world, and came in fourth at a little event called the Olympics. Now that women’s skateboarding has gone more mainstream, thanks in part to CB’s efforts, she is able to compete (and come in first place) at events such as the X Games, All Girl Skate Jam, Vans Triple Crown. CB was also recently honored at the Female Vert Skater of the Year at the World Cup. She is stoked to help female skaters and encourage more women to get into the sport. By creating the Alliance, she hopes to organize women’s skateboarding so they can sanction competitions and ultimately get more exposure and prize money. No one has done more to further the sport of women’s skateboarding than CB. We can’t wait to see where she takes us next. Below, our Skate Like a Pro interview with Cara-Beth.

Last song you downloaded: “Give it Away” by Zero 7

Best vacation: Australia

Last book you read: “The Journeys of Socrates” by Dan Millman

Guilty pleasure TV show: Lifetime movies

Favorite comfort food: Chocolate

Champagne or beer (or other): Beer

Last splurge: 2007 Audi A3

Advice for beginners: Believe in yourself

Hero: Mom and Oprah

Worst experience skating: A concussion snowboarding in France — I spent two days in the hospital

I’m most proud of: I’ve always done what I believed in and never given up. Even when times got really hard or frustrating, I’ve always made a living being a professional skateboarder/snowboarder. I don’t work a “regular job.”

Favorite rainy day activity: Stretching and hanging with my cats

Pet peeve: Superficial people

Pets: Eight cats: Beni, Silver, GG, Boots, Cali, Tigger, Leo, and Jezzie — they are indoor/outdoor cats

Do you wear a helmet?: Most of the time

Why I skate: Because I love it!

Words to live by: Do what you believe in and don’t let the nay sayers tell you, “you can’t do that” or “that won’t work.” Be a leader not a follower!

We also asked Cara-Beth what she brings on an everyday skate session.

Plan B skateboard
Pro-tec helmet
Bones wheels
Mechanical Griptape
Hurley beanie and sweatshirt
A cooler full of healthy snacks and water
iPod with speakers

Follow CB on Twitter @CBBurnside

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