Surf Like a Girl Pro Interview: Holly Beck

You may have seen Holly Beck in the WB series Boarding House: North Shore (loved it!) or as a super hot model in any one of the best surfing mags. But be sure Holly Beck is no dumb blonde. Holly graduated from UCSD in just three years with a degree in psychology, and served as President of International Women’s Surfing. Bitten by the surf bug when she visited Waikiki at the age of 15, Beck came home and saved her pennies to by her own board. Soon after she was killing it at her local break in Palos Verdes and climbing up the ranks in the NSSA. Now shredding up on the WQT, Beck, in love with life and her super hot boyfriend, certainly seems ready to take on the world.


Last album you downloaded: “Paper, Ink, and Plastic” by Beth Preston
Best vacation: Mainland Mex in October 2003, the first trip I took with my boyfriend. We scored, and I fell in love.
Last book you read: “Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates” by Tom Robbins
Guilty pleasure TV show: Lost
Favorite comfort food: Adobada burrito from Amigos Tacos with habanero salsa
Champagne or beer (or other): Beer
Last splurge: A new Sliver cell phone
Advice for beginners: Learn in a beginner friendly spot and don’t move up until you are competent, in the meantime believe in yourself and don’t give up.
Hero: Linda Benson
Worst experience in the water: Surfing one of my favorite spots on “Big Wednesday” 2005. It was the most crowded and frustrating experience I’ve ever had.
I’m most proud of: Finishing UCSD in three years.
Favorite rainy day activity: Surfing
Pet peeve: Aggressive kooks talking loudly about how sick their last wave was.
The perfect date: Hiking to a private surf spot and having a picnic afterwards.
Bathing suit or commando?: I never wear bottoms under my wetsuit and don’t always wear a top either unless it’s warm out and I want to pull my wetsuit down half way for the walk back to the car.
Why I surf: It’s fun.
Words to live by: Believe in yourself.

To see more of Holly, check out Holly Beck Surfs

We asked Holly what she brings on an everyday surf session.
5’10 Rusty EPS, a 5″11 Rusty S-core, a 5’10 Rusty E-flex, a 6’0 Rusty round tail, a 5’9 bat tail four fin, a single fin my boyfriend shaped me, a 9’0 longboard.
Body Glove Vapor 3/2 or 4/3
Body Glove split toe booties
Body Glove bikini top.
Headhunter Clear SPF 30 Face Stick
Aloe Up Lip Balm SPF 15
Sticky Bumps Tour Series Wax
Several bottles of water, one for drinking, one for showering
Several fin keys, but I never seem to be able to find them
Baby wipes for removing sunscreen
Jeans and a t-shirt
Ponytail holder

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