Wish You Were Here: Baja

Hola Girls!

Stef and I are sipping cervesas just south of the border in Baja, Mexico.  There is great surf all along the Pacific and you can easily find your own little slice of paradise down here. We are staying at Las Gaviotas, a gated community 40 miles south of San Diego, where you can rent a house for about $200 per night.  We are staying an adorable place called Baja Paradise that holds five people, but we came down with a caravan of surfer girls who are staying just down the way.   We estimated about 100 houses in the community, so if you book ahead there is certainly room for you and everyone you know.

Las Gaviotas is a very mellow longboard spot.  It can get crowded in the summer when this place gets booked up, but if you go off season you can get some of the winter swells all to yourself.  Stef and I were here in February staying just up the way in a complex called Club Marena, which is around the bend from K38 (we called the spot K38 ½). We happened to hit it during a big swell so we got sick waves all weekend.  Las Gaviotas is a reef break with often perfect peeling waves.  There are rights and lefts and we even got some good rides all to ourselves on the south side of the rock jetty that separates Las Gaviotas from the rest of the beach.

Porto Nuevo is about 5 kilometers south and boasts some of the best lobster on thePacificCoast.  You can get a tail and a half, rice, beans, tortillas and soup for about $20, which is pretty much this girl’s idea of heaven.  The town also is home to all kinds of schlock shops where you can get jewelry, purses, Mexican wrestling masks and glassware “practically free.”

Further down the coast is the tiny town of La Fonda.  The La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant seems to be a charming place to stay, has a modern spa and a great restaurant with killer shrimp tacos and more guacamole than a table of four could handle.  There is a sandy beach in front of the hotel and great surf.  La Fonda is a beach break so that you can spread out and find your own area.  The surf was small but a stubborn the day we went and so we didn’t catch many waves, but laying on the beach buying jewelry from the vendors and having lunch at the restaurant made for an idyllic day.

Final notes: don’t drink the water, Jesus is watching, and be sure to buy churros from the guy with the steering wheel as you are crossing the boarder.

Wish you were here,

Rebecca and Stef

If you are planning a trip to Northern Baja, check out www.las-gaviotas.com or www.baja-rentals.com.

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